Greek Evzones, Albanian Front, November 1940 (part 2)

Here is the finished base. It is already on display at the modelling exhibition in Thessaloniki,

A few things could be better, ie. a bid of mud mixed with the snow, but I think it came out OK

I hope that someone will make some 28mm figures some day so we can field them in many tabletop battles.

2 thoughts on “Greek Evzones, Albanian Front, November 1940 (part 2)

    1. kaiserbill Post author

      Thank you Darryl. Yes I have painted a ton of them for a friend. To be correct they only have Evzones light infantry but the helmeted ones can pass as regulars. Now they have released artillerymen but I do not like their guns. Fortunately Warlord will release a 100mm Skoda cannon that is a perfect match


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