British Marlburian soldier 28mm

Having read the excellent new post by Marvin, over at Suburban Militarism blog,                ( ) I felt I had to post something similar, hoping this is a new beginning for my blog!                                      So, here is a 28mm figure of a War of Spanish Succession, sculpted by the master         Paul Hicks for Ebor miniatures. I’ve painted this figure as my entry back in 2015 for the figure swap in the now defunct Steve Dean Forum I hope you like the photos, any comment will be welcomedpre-varnish 1pre-varnish 2pre-varnish 3pre-varnish 4IMGP3280IMGP3281IMGP3283IMGP3284



6 thoughts on “British Marlburian soldier 28mm

  1. Marvin

    Thanks for the mention – if my new post has kick-started the Kaiser Bill blog, then I can be very proud of myself. 🙂 That 28mm figure is fabulous, the face in particular is a masterpiece! I note that he wears very similar colour facings as my own Sankey’s Regiment. Strangely enough, I was admiring Ebor’s very lovely WSS range recently and wondering whether to go for 28mm or stick with my beloved 1:72.

    Great to see you back and blogging again and on the WSS topic too!




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