British-Hanoverian Artillery

I love the versatility and malleability of plastic figures. Here is what can you achieve with spare parts and a minimum amount of buying I’ve had some spare artillery hands from Victrix  British artillery box and some spare British bodies from the Perry’s box. With 9 pdr guns from Front Rank here is the result Comment are always welcome

2 thoughts on “British-Hanoverian Artillery

  1. Burkhard

    Looking at todays posts (Artillery, Honnovarians and Dutch Cavalry) I can only say, that the paint jobs look ace?

    How long did it take you to paint all those units? Looking at the earlier posts i would guess less than 2 weeks, which would make it even more impressive!

    1. kaiserbill Post author

      Hallo Burkhard
      Thank you for your comments
      To answer your question about completion time, yes from the day I’ve started clean the figures, to priming them, painting and basing them it was about 12 5 hour days, not a bad time I would say, but I have been quicker . Anyway more French and Prussian cavalry are on the table, photos very soon


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