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17th C. Ottoman Turks 15mm

This is my latest commission. The figures are in 15 mm from Essex miniatures, a long time favorite manufacturer, because its figures are among the most painter friendly IMHO. The 3 color layer technique was done mainly with Vallejo acrylic paints, except the horses, which were painted with my new fetish, the Americana Deco Arts acrylics.They have the transparency needed for smooth transition between the  multiple layers of paint from dark to light. (more on that  to come in a new blog category: how to’s, coming soon)

After seeing an article at ArkieGamer ( about the disproportional flower tufts usually meant for 28mm’s on 15 mm bases, I made (yes I’m making my own tufts) some tufts using  2mm static grass of various colors with the flowery stuff from Woodland scenics (code T48) I think they look better. An experiment with 4mm tufts will follow……

I hope you like them