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British-Hanoverian Artillery

I love the versatility and malleability of plastic figures. Here is what can you achieve with spare parts and a minimum amount of buying I’ve had some spare artillery hands from Victrix  British artillery box and some spare British bodies from the Perry’s box. With 9 pdr guns from Front Rank here is the result Comment are always welcome

Hanoverian Landwehr part 2

This is the second Unit of Landwehr men from the Kingdom of Hannover using peaked cap heads from the Perry’s  Prussian Jaeger sprue. This time I’ve decided to make the cap cords on the Stovepipe Shakos with epoxy putty instead of copper wire like my first unit . I was planing to order a whole bunch of flags either from GMB or Flags of war, but the crisis caught up with us before that.  I’m opting for painting them freehand. Have a nice week friends Andreas

3rd Dutch Carabineers 1815

I just finished this commission for the friend who builds the non British Allied forces for our 1815 project. With this unit the Heavies of the kingdom of Netherlands are finished along with their commander M.General Trip


Austrian 1st regiment of Uhlans 1809

A small break from the 100 says campaign this time, but with more Waterloo to come ASAP. Wagram  in 1809 was one of the biggest battles of the Napoleonic wars and Austria fielded some of the most colourful mounted units of the era, the Uhlans (lancers) among them

The 3 regiments was distinguished by the colour of their chapka tops, the first regiment having yellow, with the rest of the uniform common to all the regiments.

Horses were painted with Americana acrylics and I think I have managed to figure out how the various shades -so different from Vallejo- blend together

Comments are most welcome

Bolt action Vehicles

After 25 years, the Bolt Action game rules by Warlord Games gave me the opportunity to start painting AFV’s again (being my childhood and adolescence modelling interest)

So here Is a commission for our club president and  a good friend  of his winter themed Late war Germans. The Puma is from Italeri and the Pzkfw IV ausf F2 from Blitzgrieg both in 1/48 scale. (the 1/56 are way too small for my liking)

After painting the vehicles with the standard 3 tone camouflage using Humbrol and the old ExtraColor line (yes I have them from back in the day!!!!!!!) , I applied the whitewash as the Germans did back in the day, splashing white acrylic with a no10 flat brush. Then a spnge, dipped in denaturized alcohol was used to wipe the white from the edges and the well trodden areas of the vehicles.  a mix of very fine sand, brown acrylic gloss acrylic varnish and static grass  was literally thrown at the lower part of both vehicles.

I am very pleased with the end results even after a quarter of a century passed since my last encounter with the “modern cavalry’ in miniatures.


My WIP’Ss for June

I’m back after almost half a year. The loss  of my father in law and the current situation in Greece have sunken my mood to a very low level.

Anyway things are better now ( unless we default next week…….) and my posting mojo is coming back. The Napoleonics are the only figures that I will “bother” to paint for myself from now on, albeit finishing some Blitzkrieg Germans and 1944 Soviets for gaming  at the club in Athens ( the new trend this year) see a coming post……….

Although a Prussophile , I’m really hooked up with the twins Bavarians and a small contingent of  6 Line,2 Light,2 Light horse and 4 cannons will join the other nations armies in my collection. Confederation of the Rhine you’re next !!!!!!!!!

The Landwehr are a mix of the old painting when my vision started to falter, and the-after the magnifier-new painting.

the NIzam (Turks!!!!!!) Officer, is a trial run to see if I will decide to paint some Napoleonic era Ottoman units (not so high in my list though, Finnish skiers in the Russian army are higher in my priorities.

As always the standard mix of Vallejo and Americana Acrylics are used in the painting, with the latter taking more and more the place of the former, the semi-opacity of the Americana paints making them more suitable for the layering/glazing technique I’m using

Hope you enjoy