5th Rheinbund Regiment part 1: Anhalt Battalion 1809-13

It was an old ambition to collect and paint the most obscure and colourful troops of the Napoleonic wars, so, it was a joy when Alan Perry started to produce the Confederation of the Rhine contingents, along with the largest nation of the Bund, Bavaria. It is an enormous task, since I also have to tackle ongoing, never ending commissions, plus for my collection, several French battalions and squadrons , British foot, and my beloved Prussian infantry and cavalry. Here is the first part of the ongoing saga in the dwarf states, (plus a large Bavarian army, hopefully), The Anhalt contingent, Troops were provided by three different small states: Alhalt-Dessau, Anhalt-Köthen and Anhalt-Bernburg. Next to come are the second battalion, the Lippe brigade.

All the details came from the magnificent Peter Bunde plates https://www.brigade-uniform-tafeln.de/.

Comment are always welcome.

3 thoughts on “5th Rheinbund Regiment part 1: Anhalt Battalion 1809-13

  1. Marvin

    Wonderful figures, wonderfully painted. I like these little states too and it’s always interesting to see their uniforms brought to the fore like this.

    1. kaiserbill Post author

      Thank you Martin. This is the “start” of a project ,that will cover most, if not all, the minor German states,and hopefully,some large ones


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