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5th Rheinbund Regiment part 1: Anhalt Battalion 1809-13

It was an old ambition to collect and paint the most obscure and colourful troops of the Napoleonic wars, so, it was a joy when Alan Perry started to produce the Confederation of the Rhine contingents, along with the largest nation of the Bund, Bavaria. It is an enormous task, since I also have to tackle ongoing, never ending commissions, plus for my collection, several French battalions and squadrons , British foot, and my beloved Prussian infantry and cavalry. Here is the first part of the ongoing saga in the dwarf states, (plus a large Bavarian army, hopefully), The Anhalt contingent, Troops were provided by three different small states: Alhalt-Dessau, Anhalt-Köthen and Anhalt-Bernburg. Next to come are the second battalion, the Lippe brigade.

All the details came from the magnificent Peter Bunde plates

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