Greek Evzones, Albanian Front, November 1940 (part 1)

It’s being too long………………………………………..

Health issues (again!!!) and the whole depressing situation about the economy, had kept me away from sharing what I was working for the past few months. Unfortunately nothing Napoleonic which would have helped me with the peace of my mind-yes I know it sound weird , but the multitude of Nappy uniforms calm me down.

Anyway, a very good friend and customer send me those 54mm plastic figures from ICM, an Ukrainian company of model kits,  to paint for a modelling exhibition  in Thessaloniki.

The venue coincides with the celebration of our national holiday at the 28th of October, (called the “ΟΧΙ” day, the day of “NO”) the day  in 1940 when we declined the ultimatum for surrender to the Italian army, thus bringing Greece into the war.

The figures are wonderful posed and animated with only two “slight” mistakes, the lack of the third double catridge pouch situated at the back of the belt,wich I canibalized from a second kit and a rim at the helmet- there was none- and easily sanded off.

So here are the first photos of the figures, still in the final stages of painting with the base and the conclusion in another post

12 thoughts on “Greek Evzones, Albanian Front, November 1940 (part 1)

  1. Burkhard

    Blimey, when I saw the header, I was hoping, that these would be 28mm. Some nice 28mm would be great and these, together with your paintjob, look great!

    1. kaiserbill Post author

      Hey Burkhard, Danke schön and You hit a nerve with your comment.
      I have many talentrd friends who sculp figures in 54mm and getting the highest awards in all the international exhibitions but , despite my constant harrassins bo one wants to make me a set of prototypes so they can go in a limited production.
      Oh ! and the economics involved in the idea are out of reach this time of crisis.
      So lets hope!!!!!

    1. kaiserbill Post author

      Thank you and I’m sorry I haven’t commented you for all those wonderfull painted troopers for your Nappy cavalry project.
      I found my Zvezda Foot Guard Grenadiers and I’m thinking to have a go with them soon, and that’s because of you!!!

    1. kaiserbill Post author

      Thank you, Francis. After a couple of hundred 28mm this month is good to have a change with some larger scale figures.
      I am wondering when I will have the time to paint the whole Metal Modeles collection of Napoleonic figures I have collected all those yearsAndreas


    I have the same evzones from icm and i want some advices how to make them like this . I bought the colours i have the adhesive what else need to buy and what method must follow now?


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