My WIP’Ss for June

I’m back after almost half a year. The loss  of my father in law and the current situation in Greece have sunken my mood to a very low level.

Anyway things are better now ( unless we default next week…….) and my posting mojo is coming back. The Napoleonics are the only figures that I will “bother” to paint for myself from now on, albeit finishing some Blitzkrieg Germans and 1944 Soviets for gaming  at the club in Athens ( the new trend this year) see a coming post……….

Although a Prussophile , I’m really hooked up with the twins Bavarians and a small contingent of  6 Line,2 Light,2 Light horse and 4 cannons will join the other nations armies in my collection. Confederation of the Rhine you’re next !!!!!!!!!

The Landwehr are a mix of the old painting when my vision started to falter, and the-after the magnifier-new painting.

the NIzam (Turks!!!!!!) Officer, is a trial run to see if I will decide to paint some Napoleonic era Ottoman units (not so high in my list though, Finnish skiers in the Russian army are higher in my priorities.

As always the standard mix of Vallejo and Americana Acrylics are used in the painting, with the latter taking more and more the place of the former, the semi-opacity of the Americana paints making them more suitable for the layering/glazing technique I’m using

Hope you enjoy



Hanoverian Landwehr 1815

Despite excruciating back pains I’ve managed to finish the first Hanoverian unit for my friend Andreas (pure coincidence), who makes the “Allied” forces in the Anglo-Allied army for next year’s Quatre Bras batlle.

The minor conversions were done by him, e.g. the cords on the stovepipe shako, while the peaked cap heads are from the Perry’s plastic Prussian Jagers

The red was painted with my usual Vallejo triad of 926 Red, 908 Carmine and 847 Scarlet with a fourth layer of 910 Orange Red for the officer and Standard bearers

The Greys, Blacks and flesh were painted with my new love, DecoArt Americana Acrylics

I’ve left the flagpoles empty ,while I’m planing a GMB order

Any comments are welcome as always



17th C. Ottoman Turks 15mm

This is my latest commission. The figures are in 15 mm from Essex miniatures, a long time favorite manufacturer, because its figures are among the most painter friendly IMHO. The 3 color layer technique was done mainly with Vallejo acrylic paints, except the horses, which were painted with my new fetish, the Americana Deco Arts acrylics.They have the transparency needed for smooth transition between the  multiple layers of paint from dark to light. (more on that  to come in a new blog category: how to’s, coming soon)

After seeing an article at ArkieGamer ( about the disproportional flower tufts usually meant for 28mm’s on 15 mm bases, I made (yes I’m making my own tufts) some tufts using  2mm static grass of various colors with the flowery stuff from Woodland scenics (code T48) I think they look better. An experiment with 4mm tufts will follow……

I hope you like them


Roman Artillery

Here is my latest commission.

The  ballista and onager  along with their crews ,are from Warlord Games with a Centurio and Tribune from Wargames Foundry. The shields by Foundry are hand painted

Any comments are welcome

Kingdom of Heaven Ibelin and retinue

Another finished commission , this time a semi-historical one. The figures are from the excellent Fireforge Games series of plastic Knights, in this case the mounted sergeants box

The Knight on the Barded horse and his standard bearer are metal from Gripping Beast

All the heraldry is painted

by hand

Greek War of Independence

The latest commission for a friend .These are the new Steve Barber models sculpts, and  how nice figures they are. Of course the Greek Palikaria are the best. More figures to follow.

We will try the rules called “Eleutheria I Thanatos” (freedom or death) by our friend the late Spyros Koumousis.

Macedonian and Epirote Foot commands

Wonderful figures from Aventine . Flags are hand made out of brass rod, aluminium foil , solder wire and are hand painted