Austrian 1st regiment of Uhlans 1809

A small break from the 100 says campaign this time, but with more Waterloo to come ASAP. Wagram  in 1809 was one of the biggest battles of the Napoleonic wars and Austria fielded some of the most colourful mounted units of the era, the Uhlans (lancers) among them

The 3 regiments was distinguished by the colour of their chapka tops, the first regiment having yellow, with the rest of the uniform common to all the regiments.

Horses were painted with Americana acrylics and I think I have managed to figure out how the various shades -so different from Vallejo- blend together

Comments are most welcome

5 thoughts on “Austrian 1st regiment of Uhlans 1809

  1. lentonist

    Superb – real eye candy! And you’re right about them being a colourful sight on the battlefield. I love how you’ve painted your grey horses. I always find them a struggle. Presumably, the lancer pennants are sculpted with the figures, not added on? They seem so much more natural than the stiff flags that come with my 1/72 boys.

    I’m a Vallejo user too. After Revell, Humbrol and Tamiya, their acrylics went on beautifully. I’ve not heard of Americana.

  2. kaiserbill Post author

    Thank you for your kind words.
    The lances and the pennons are scratchbuild with 1.5mm diameter brass rod and thick aluminium foil like the one they use to seal instant coffee cans, I used to have droves of lead foil from wine bottles and such, but that;s ancient history with health regulations and such.
    As for the colours google Deco Art Americana acrylics to see the range,many of the colours are semi-opaque and/or semi transparent but they are perfect for glazing technics.
    I am planing to do some how to’s articles, if I still have the mood after the dramatic hours we live here in Greece. ( and the money to pay for the Internet too!!!!!!)
    Have a nice week

    1. lentonist

      Thanks, that explains why your lances look so good! I’ll check out those acrylics too.

      I know it’s tough over there recently, been following it closely. Whatever happens, I just hope it really works out in favour of the people of Greece for a change.

  3. daggerandbrush

    Superb paintjob and basing. Clean, contrast rich and overall a pleasant sight. I really like the naturalistic effect you achieved on your bases. I also like the way you painted the yellow. A very rich colour that does not look too dirty. I will check out the Americana brand you mentioned.

    There are only two suggestions I would have: A bit of wash on the bottom part of the grass tufts gives a more realistic appearance as it makes the tufts less uniform (however, this is a matter of taste). Secondly I would recommend to slightly increase the brightness of your pictures, either while taking them or in using a suitable photo editing suit. I can make out most of the excellent paintjob, but some details are swallowed by the shadows.

    I also hope that you guys get through the situation in Greece smoothly.

    1. kaiserbill Post author

      Thank you very much. I think I’ve managed the yellow, it’s all Vallejo with856 Ochre Brown base, 953 Flat yellow as first highlight and949 Light Yellow as the second highlight.
      As for the tufts, because I make them myself, I am still trying various shades and shapes.
      Later in the day I will try to post my new creations with a new mix of tufts, so I’m waiting your feedback. I was planing to invest to a new lighting unit for my photo box, but now their cost of 75 euros seem like 75k. In fact, although I still have pending painting commissions for 3 months, (as I am a full time figure painter), I thing I’m virtually out of work with no prospect of a job ever ,due to serious health issues
      Still it’s my hobby and that’s my zen garden,
      Have a nice week


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