My WIP’Ss for June

I’m back after almost half a year. The loss  of my father in law and the current situation in Greece have sunken my mood to a very low level.

Anyway things are better now ( unless we default next week…….) and my posting mojo is coming back. The Napoleonics are the only figures that I will “bother” to paint for myself from now on, albeit finishing some Blitzkrieg Germans and 1944 Soviets for gaming  at the club in Athens ( the new trend this year) see a coming post……….

Although a Prussophile , I’m really hooked up with the twins Bavarians and a small contingent of  6 Line,2 Light,2 Light horse and 4 cannons will join the other nations armies in my collection. Confederation of the Rhine you’re next !!!!!!!!!

The Landwehr are a mix of the old painting when my vision started to falter, and the-after the magnifier-new painting.

the NIzam (Turks!!!!!!) Officer, is a trial run to see if I will decide to paint some Napoleonic era Ottoman units (not so high in my list though, Finnish skiers in the Russian army are higher in my priorities.

As always the standard mix of Vallejo and Americana Acrylics are used in the painting, with the latter taking more and more the place of the former, the semi-opacity of the Americana paints making them more suitable for the layering/glazing technique I’m using

Hope you enjoy


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