Bolt action Vehicles

After 25 years, the Bolt Action game rules by Warlord Games gave me the opportunity to start painting AFV’s again (being my childhood and adolescence modelling interest)

So here Is a commission for our club president and  a good friend  of his winter themed Late war Germans. The Puma is from Italeri and the Pzkfw IV ausf F2 from Blitzgrieg both in 1/48 scale. (the 1/56 are way too small for my liking)

After painting the vehicles with the standard 3 tone camouflage using Humbrol and the old ExtraColor line (yes I have them from back in the day!!!!!!!) , I applied the whitewash as the Germans did back in the day, splashing white acrylic with a no10 flat brush. Then a spnge, dipped in denaturized alcohol was used to wipe the white from the edges and the well trodden areas of the vehicles.  a mix of very fine sand, brown acrylic gloss acrylic varnish and static grass  was literally thrown at the lower part of both vehicles.

I am very pleased with the end results even after a quarter of a century passed since my last encounter with the “modern cavalry’ in miniatures.


2 thoughts on “Bolt action Vehicles

  1. daggerandbrush

    Excellent weathering. Looks highly realistic and according to your list of steps taken you achieved this with much less effort than many other tank midelling enthusiasts.

    1. kaiserbill Post author

      Thank you. The whitewash and the weathering/dirtying took me an hour for each vehicle, on the resin Panzer maybe less, because I didn’t have to worry of pieces flying off being only a two piece casting ,turret and hull


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