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Hanoverian Landwehr 1815

Despite excruciating back pains I’ve managed to finish the first Hanoverian unit for my friend Andreas (pure coincidence), who makes the “Allied” forces in the Anglo-Allied army for next year’s Quatre Bras batlle.

The minor conversions were done by him, e.g. the cords on the stovepipe shako, while the peaked cap heads are from the Perry’s plastic Prussian Jagers

The red was painted with my usual Vallejo triad of 926 Red, 908 Carmine and 847 Scarlet with a fourth layer of 910 Orange Red for the officer and Standard bearers

The Greys, Blacks and flesh were painted with my new love, DecoArt Americana Acrylics

I’ve left the flagpoles empty ,while I’m planing a GMB order

Any comments are welcome as always