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Roman Artillery

Here is my latest commission.

The  ballista and onager  along with their crews ,are from Warlord Games with a Centurio and Tribune from Wargames Foundry. The shields by Foundry are hand painted

Any comments are welcome

Kingdom of Heaven Ibelin and retinue

Another finished commission , this time a semi-historical one. The figures are from the excellent Fireforge Games series of plastic Knights, in this case the mounted sergeants box

The Knight on the Barded horse and his standard bearer are metal from Gripping Beast

All the heraldry is painted

by hand

Greek War of Independence

The latest commission for a friend .These are the new Steve Barber models sculpts, and  how nice figures they are. Of course the Greek Palikaria are the best. More figures to follow.

We will try the rules called “Eleutheria I Thanatos” (freedom or death) by our friend the late Spyros Koumousis.

Macedonian and Epirote Foot commands

Wonderful figures from Aventine . Flags are hand made out of brass rod, aluminium foil , solder wire and are hand painted


Greek and Generic Guerrilas for Bolt Action games

And something different.

A friend and co-player from my club gave me those Warlord Partisans to paint them as generic and or Greek communist Guerillas hence
the words E.A.M. on the armbands and helmet, the letters stand for “Ethniko Apeleftherotiko Metopo” (National liberation front,
the political branch of the communist guerrillas)


Fearsome British Celts

A recent commission for a very good friend.

A little bit odd body positions. but otherwise nice figures

As always comments are welcome


101st Airborne Div “Screaming Eagles” 1944

Yes I know….. 506, Major Winters, and all that.

A fun unit to paint for Bolt Action games , now I need the belfry of the church at St.Mere Eglise!!!

Heavy and light support to follow


Netherlands Foot and horse Artillery 1815

Both parts of the country are represented, Belgium and Holland.