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Early war Wermacht for Bolt Action

I started my first squad of Landsers for our Bolt Action games at our club

The fact that this is the archetypal German uniform of WW2 in the eyes of the public

and that very same uniform is on a mannequin behind me in the painting room, made me choose thoce fellas

Any comment is welcome

Marines de La Garde (new photos 19-09-14)

The most striking full dress uniform of Napoleon’s Imperial guard, although the uniform of the Grenadiers is the most published

The Perry twins at their finest

( I have updated the pictures , but I’m still not satisfied. A new photo session I think is in order

2nd Belgian Carabiniers 1815

My newest creation the 2nd Belgian Carabiniers at Waterloo, the only regiment to wear the helmet, the other two regiments (Dutch), were wearing the old bicorne

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Portuguese Cazadores

Here is a unit I’ve painted for my very good friend Thanasis. I was very pleased with the results and so was he.

Enjoy them mate!!!